How to choose good false eyelashes through eyelash bands

How to choose good false eyelashes through eyelash bands


How to choose good false eyelashes through false eyelash bands

  • The material of eyelash bands can be divided into four kinds

Cotton bandClear bandKnot free lash band
TechnologyEyelashes are folded in half and folded on the stalksEyelashes are folded in half, knotted on the stalksEyelashes are arranged in roots and stick in the band
Shape stability★☆☆☆☆★★☆☆☆★★★★★
Reusable timesOnly 1 time5-10 times10-20 times

1.Cotton band

(1) Advantages: The band is very narrow, very soft, and it will not stick eyelids after fitting, and it is not easy to tilt the two ends of the band.

(2) Disadvantages: After the torn string is easily bent and deformed, and it can only be used once. And for participating parties, the density is poor and the styles made are not dense enough.

Cotton eyelash band

2.Clear band

(1) Advantages: narrow bands, transparent, good makeup effects, and can be cut into bundles of sticky.

(2) Disadvantages: For participating parties, the density is poor, and the styles that can generally be made are not dense enough. Because of the reason of weaving, it is not possible to do a mane style.

Clear eyelash bands

3. Knot free lash band

(1) Disadvantage: The band is wider.

(2) Advantages: There are many kinds of wool that can be used.So You can use armpit hair, chemical fiber, fox hair, horse hair, and human hair. There are many styles that can be produced, and you can make natural styles and rich styles. More popular with the world-renowned beauty brands, the now-popular armpit false eyelashes are all such stalks.

eyelash manufacturer
  • The width of the band

Based on the material of the bands, the width of the bands also determines the comfort of the false eyelashes.

General cotton bands and clear bands are 0.5mm-1mm in width.

The widest range of combined bands, due to differences in the technical level of eyelash factories, has a width difference of about 0.7mm-2mm. If the band is too wide, it is difficult to conform to the eye; the band is too thin, and it is easily broken and the hair is scattered.

Although the cotton bands and the clear bands are more comfortable than the knot free lash bands, due to the limitations of the process, the styles that can be done are less, and they cannot meet the market demand. The knot-free lash band can be more creative, and the slivers of eyelashes can be used as the main eyelashes. The production process of the bands, but the wide and slightly stiff bands of the bands are still problems that most eyelash suppliers need to solve.

0.7mm-2mm eyelash bands
mink eyelashes wholesale-CARMEL-Dimension

Xizi Lashes, a trading company that exports eyelashes for more than 10 years, has a professional eyelash development department with 15 people.

Since March 2017, after more than three months of repeated research and development, more than 130 proofings, and more than 300 real-life tests, the best wearing width of the combined line has been found.

1.eyelashes width test

The 1mm band is the best bandwidth of the eyelash band.

Under the condition of ensuring the firmness of the wool, the width of the band is minimized, and the knot free lash band is made soft and comfortable.

At the same time, transparency issues that are most difficult for the invisible knot free lash band to break through have also been solved through multiple studies and proofs.

2.The innovation of invisible band raw materials

The eyelash research and development department of Xizi Lashes replaced the common invisible band material in the market. And they used a highly transparent imported high-transparent glue material as the best raw material for the new invisible bands, which optimized the traditional invisible bands.

The advantages of the Xizi Lashes company’s new invisible band.

  • More invisible and free of impurities
  • It will not turn yellow after being stored for a long time
  • Thinner, softer, with a higher degree of wear, not easy to wear when worn
  • Increased toughness, can be worn more than 15-30 times
mink eyelashes—xizi lashes
Traditional black knot free lash bandTraditional invisible knot free lash bandXIZI’s invisible knot free lash band
TechnologyThe band is black with eyeliner effectThe band is invisible and suitable for all kinds of makeupThe band is invisible and suitable for all kinds of makeup
Shape stability★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Reusable times10-20 times10-20 times15-30 times

False eyelashes, as a small accessory in makeup, incorporates a lot of technology and details.

We hope that this sharing will allow buyers to learn more about false eyelashes. And we also hope to help buyers distinguish between good and bad in many products and select suitable false eyelash products.

After that, we will continue to share more about the production of false eyelashes on the blog. Please pay attention to our updates.

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