Velour Lashes ‘The Original Creators of 100% Mink Lashes’

Velour Lashes ‘The Original Creators of 100% Mink Lashes’

Velour Lashes 'The Original Creators of 100% Mink Lashes'

Velour Lashes make some bold claims on their official website, including: ‘the original creators of 100% mink lashes’.

Velour Lashes’ range of lashes offer fullness, length, and volume without the harsh look that some synthetic lashes have; these look incredibly realistic.

There’s no doubting that Velour Lashes are one of the best mink eyelash brands out there.

Not only are Velour Lashes extremely stylish, they are also free from any chemicals or dyes, and they’re sterilized so they’re safe to wear without causing any damage to you or your natural lashes. With a soft and feathery feel and a stunning shiny finish, these falsies are suitable for all eye shapes and sizes as well as all skin tones.

velour lashes
velour lashes

Velour Lashes have a great reputation – lots of big celebrity names wear their lashes such as Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and Demi Lovato. If they’re good enough for Hollywood stars, then they’re good enough for us! Custom designed and handmade for only the best finish, these falsies feature a super thin lash band made from cotton, ensuring an easy application every time. Velour Lashes offer a comfortable fit, making them virtually

Stunning styles such as ‘Silk Fluff’n Whispie’ are perfect for a full, fanned out and fluttery look with extreme length, soft wispy ends, and a fluffy texture. Style ‘Your Day To Shine’ are ultra-long lashes with black Swarovski crystals for a super glam, embellished finish and an extremely curled look. Perfect for those that are looking for that something special for a particular occasion. Whether it’s everyday use or something more glamorous you’re looking for, Velour Lashes have a pair of falsies to accommodate your desired look.

As well as stocking numerous Velour strip lashes, we also sell their accent lashes for those who want to enhance the volume and length of the outer corners of their eyes, ‘Silk Just A Lil’ Bit’ is ideal for giving this effect.

If cared for correctly, Velour Lashes can also be reused several times, meaning that they are not only high quality, but are also the great value.

Xizi Lashes is a professional manufacturer of false eyelashes. Every year, there are new optimizations in production technology.We have a great variety of styles similar to those of Velor eyelashes – including leeches and silk effect eyelashes. And we have over 400 different styles to choose from, and you won’t be disappointed with these luxurious, lightweight lashes.

velour lashes-darkside
velour lashes-doll me up
velour lashes-see through

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