Magnetic False Eyelashes-Why Choose Ardell&One Two Lash

Magnetic False Eyelashes-Why Choose Ardell&One Two Lash?

The eyelash growth serums, eyelash extensions, and mascaras are proving this – the world’s women are looking for longer and fuller eyelashes. However, in spite of so many new beauty items, the use of false eyelashes is still a means by which makeup artists and celebrities have been using it for many years. And the appearance of magnetic false eyelashes on the market is more proof of this false eyelash project cannot be ignored.


How to use magnetic false eyelashes?

magnetic false eyelashes replace the adhesive glue with micromagnets. When the magnetic false eyelashes approach each other, they attract each other. magnetic false eyelashes are the natural eyelashes in the middle. The latest brand to introduce this skill is the famous eyelash brand, Ardell.

According to Jadene Munson, the global brand ambassador, they “feature virtually invisible magnets placed along the lash line that lock together and secure the lash along your natural lash line.”  The long magnetic lashes are very special. They consist of four miniature magnets. The focus lashes have three magnets.

How to wear magnetic false eyelashes?

This is relatively simple. Each product will be slightly different, so it is best to follow the instructions on the package.

First, trim the eyelashes to better suit your natural lash line. Munson then advocates applying mascara to add lash grip.

For Ardell’s striped eyelashes, the next step is to place the upper magnetic false eyelashes on top of the lash line. Then, place the lower magnetic eyelash underneath the natural lash line. Because of the magnets, they will determine the rapid positioning.

one-two-lash-magnetic-eyelashes-XIZI LASHES
one-two-lash-magnetic-eyelashes-XIZI LASHES

Another popular brand is One Two Cosmetics. Their magnetic false eyelashes have full or half eyelashes. Eyelashes are better than the other eyelashes.

This brand of magnetic false eyelashes comes with a tool that looks a bit like a tweezer, but you can also wear magnetic lashes with your fingers.

Use the same method as Ardell – magnetically attract the lower eyelashes with upper eyelashes.

Which are the best magnetic false eyelashes?

The two brands are One Two Lash($69) and Ardell ($14), both of which are reusable.

When you are between resolutions, consider the price tag and the data used. If you are susceptible to allergies, you should choose Ardell. Ardell’s are made from 100% human hair, while One Two is synthetic.

We should note that although magnetic false eyelashes are easier to use than traditional eyelash glues, there is still a need to learn how to wear them.

Before applying them to important gatherings, you must do some testing.

Where can I buy magnetic false eyelashes?

XIZI LASHES is producing magnetic lashes of more materials, including synthetic, 100% mink fur.

You can come to our eyelashes wholesale website to choose eyelash styles and OEM. We have the support of eyelash factories. So we can quickly design new styles according to the requirements of your customers.

customized packaging- xizi eyelashes
how we work - xizi eyelashes

Product Parameter
Materialsynthetic fibers
Usagedaily makeup
Featureeasy use/without glue/safe
PackagePaper box/magnetic box/plastic box as customers'request
Private Labelavailable

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