Different Types of Falsies Lashes in Material — XIZI LASHES

Different Types of Falsies Lashes in Material — XIZI LASHES

There are many different types of false lashes available in the market today.

The most common false eyelashes are silk, synthetic, and faux mink lashes. There are some crucial differences between synthetic, silk, and faux mink lashes that you need to know.

Synthetic falsies lashes

These extensions are primarily made of acrylic material. Acrylic gives these lashes a glossy and a shiny appearance. These lashes are suitable for ladies who love party because they are outstanding and easily recognized. One advantage of synthetic Lashes is that they are durable and can retain the curls for a long period. This means you can wear them more than 10-20 times and they will be still in good condition. However, they are not as smooth or does not give the natural appearance as compared to silk and faux mink lashes.

Synthetic lashes are more suitable for younger ladies who have naturally thick eyelashes. Since they are a little bit heavy, they cannot be worn for very long. If you would wish to look glamorous and sexy for a red carpet photo shoot, you can apply the synthetic lashes. Another advantage is that these falsies do not weaken your natural eyelashes.

Silk falsies lashes

Silk lashes are lighter and finer than the synthetic extensions. You can wear silk Lashes for long because they are fine and of light weight. Silk lashes are comfortable to wear and are appropriate for older clients as well as younger ones who want to keep it simple. Suitable for clients who have weak and thin eyelashes.

Just like the synthetic extensions, silk lashes are available in different lengths and curls to give you an option to choose the type that fits you best. They give a more natural look than synthetic lashes that gives a stagy or plastic look. If you want to achieve a natural look, silk lashes are best for you.

3D faux mink

Faux Mink falsies lashes

Faux Mink lashes are artificially made to mimic the characteristics of a real animal fur. They are softer and finer the silk lashes. They are water resistant. Hence their curls still remain even after being exposed to water. Just like the synthetic lashes, they are also shiny and glossy.

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