THE VERY BEST 10 Most Popular False Eyelashes

THE VERY BEST 10 Most Popular False Eyelashes

Popular False Eyelashes - xizi lashes

Deciding on the best false eyelashes can be a daunting process. Whether you’re a regular wearer or new to the beauty craze, there are a wide variety of styles, thicknesses, colors etc. your alternatives and alternatives are endless. If you’re resting at home, on the couch or in a restaurant reading this, pulling nice hair out because you aren’t too sure what style lash to buy for your cousins wedding, your very best friends BBQ or that important interview you have approaching, then have a profound breathe… relax and revel in our top 10 most popular bogus eyelashes countdown.

  1. Ardell Invisiband Wispies

To arrive at the 10th place are Ardell’s Wispies in Dark. The wisped style false eyelash has long been popular among serious lash wearers but these Ardell beauties have been consistently climbing the ranks. Why are these light-weight lashes such popular is the Invisiband fitting which really helps to achieve an all-natural more combined end result.


  1. Red Cherry #747S

9th place goes to Red Cherry’s 747S. This lash is compact and easy to use with an all natural lash period to keep your lifestyle subtle. The 747 range is fantastic and will come in lengths of XS/U/S/M/L this implies if you’re a fan of the lash you can use it in a number of measures to adapt your look from understated to “night out” without having to swap your loyalty to some other style.

  1. Ardell Invisiband Demi Wispies

In at no. 8 8 will be the Ardell Demi Wispies in Dark. This popular sister lash of the full Wispies is ultra wearable due to its Invisiband appropriate and the finer mixture of lashes. That is a lash look that you can take from Day to Nights easily and comfortably. This lash is so popular it even comes in a Multipack too. We stock Ardell Demi Wispies in sole packages and multipacks, which contain four pairs of lashes.

  1. Red Cherry #415

Red Cherry’s 415 needs the 7th place in our countdown. These lashes are simply perfect for the nice time gal buying a set of lashes that gives volume with span. These well-blended lashes give volume in every the right place to make your lashes look more luscious and come with invisible banding too. If you are careful with your adhesive software and take away the dried out adhesive when you take them off, these newborns will be reusable for days to come.

  1. Eylure 116

In at # 6 6, we say Hello to a new brand in the Countdown; Eylure. The Eylure 116’s have been a steady competitor inside our Top 10 for years now. These ultra-lightweight lashes are made to target any period issues you might have. They are ultra subtle and ideal for those with short or straighter lashes seeking to add some span without anything too over the top.

  1. Red Cherry #DW

We’ve reached the halfway point. Have you seen whatever you like up to now? In at 5 is the Red Cherry Demi Wispies. Why is these hand attached, human locks lashes so popular? The mixture of these lashes is thick enough to give you volume, however, the wisped effect really helps to naturalize the effect of the lashes minus the heavy fanned look of your fuller set.

  1. Red Cherry #523

If you’re not a fan of the winged or flared accent enhancing lash, you will like the look in our 4th place competition; Red Cherry 523. The outside and inner nook of the lash is the same duration, working long into the middle. These lashes help improve the look of rounder eyes, giving subtle volume at the same time. We can see why you lovely people made these number 4 4 on our chart.

  1. Red Cherry #48

Welcome to the top 3 Lash Lovelies! Deservedly in 3rd place is the Red Cherry 48. These lashes are more described and fuller than the wispier types in this brand. The much longer flared outside edge looks thicker to help give quantity as well as space and curl to the lashes. The ultimate look is very glamorous and exquisite for the Gals who Lunch break or those looking to add a touch of glamour to your entire day.

  1. Red Cherry #WSP

At second place is the Red Cherry Wispies. These have been a solid contender for the most notable place and are a very honorable runner-up in our countdown. We love the finer blend of these wisped lashes and paired with the unseen banding we can easily see why you like them too. They are simply super compact, natural and easy to use and can be worn for a multitude of events. They are the innovator if the load up when it comes to Wispies and we predict they’ll stay near the top of the graph for some time to come.

  1. Red Cherry #43

We managed to get to 1st place inside our top 10 most popular false eyelashes countdown and the victor is… Red Cherry 43!

The Red Cherry lashes however you like 43 can be an all-rounder of Red Cherry styles. They are simply wisped, volume improving, semi-full blend with a winged outer edge. Ideal for nights out, warmer summer months BBQ’s and professional situations. Whether you’re a first-timer or a incorrect lash pro, they are the perfect lashes for everybody to try.

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