Do you know what is the best fit lash shape for you?

About the false eyelash, there are different kinda shape. The question is do you know what is the best fit lash shape for yours? This essay will share the lash shape and what is the best fit for you.

1. Natural Long

The linear false eyelashes are designed according to the characteristics of our own eyelashes. They are good in conformity, more natural, and the length and curling are not too exaggerated. They can be perfectly combined with our own eyelashes to create a shape. A clear natural makeup effect.

Pick Tips: Our daily makeup is about the natural nude makeup, then the linear false eyelashes are more suitable for creating a daily makeup. It is similar to our eyelashes, and can invisibly encrypt our eyelashes after wearing. Let your eyes look awkward, but they won’t look awkward.


2. Crisscross

Relative to the linear false eyelashes, the cross-type false eyelashes are thick and long, and the length between the eyelashes is patchy. The three-dimensional effect is strong when worn, which can create a thick and full-bodied effect of the eyelashes. As long as the roots are not too curled, it will create a thick and dense visual sense.

Pick Tips: Thick false eyelashes are very suitable for going to a party or a dance. In the dim light, the effect of three-dimensional and big eyes is made, and the eyelashes are long and thick, making the eyes more deep and charming.


3. Thick

The thick type is made up of a cluster of false eyelashes in series. Its length, curl and density are much longer than those of the above two types of false eyelashes. The material is relatively thicker. It can support our eyelids to create a thick interlaced effect on the roots of the eyelashes.

Pick Tips: Because the thick false eyelashes are thicker and curled, the visually staggered feeling is stronger, which can cover up the original eyelashes and make our eyes more smoky, making them look sexy and feminine. Create a sophisticated wild European makeup.


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