How to increase your false eyelashes reuse time

It is not cheap for us to buy best false lashes. Therefore, how to increase false eyelashes reuse time become a hot topic.This essay will share you all the secret about this.

First, do not to pull the false eyelashes, try to use the eyes and lips to remove the wet compress and slowly remove.

reuse false eyelashes 1

Second, do not apply eye shadow and mascara on the false eyelashes. To draw eye makeup and then apply false eyelashes, you can keep your false eyelashes clean and not affect your next use.

reuse false eyelashes 2

Third, do not use mascara on the false eyelashes. Mascara can’t be removed on the false eyelashes. It will be scrapped once. You can use mascara to brush the eyelashes before applying false eyelashes.

reuse false eyelashes 3

Fourth, master the correct way to clean false eyelashes. Do not remove the false eyelashes directly during makeup removal. This will pull the eyelids and relax the eyelids for a long time. Second, if the paste is not so good, the true and false eyelashes are glued together, and the tears tear off their true eyelashes. The false eyelashes under the third direct tearing are easily deformed, shortening the number of repeated use, and the heavy one is scrapped once.
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