Do you know what is the best eyelash curler for you?

Many girls don’t know how to choose eyelash curlers, or what is the best eyelash curler for them. Today, I will share with you how to choose eyelash curlers.

Eyelash curl material type
Plastic eyelash curler features
Advantages: relatively lightweight and portable, very suitable for carrying
Disadvantages: the strength of the eyelashes will be weaker.
Suitable for the crowd: suitable for people who are softer in the eyelashes themselves

eyelash curler-1
eyelash curler-3
Typical representative product: muji portable plastic eyelash curler
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eyelash curler-2
Stainless steel eyelash curler
Advantages: relatively strong force, better shaping effect
Disadvantages: unable to fold, inconvenient to travel
Suitable for people: suitable for people with hard hair
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eyelash curler-6
Typical representative product: Shiseido stainless steel eyelash curler
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In addition to these two common ones, there are also popular eyelash curlers in recent years.
Electric eyelash curler
Electric preheating automatically brings the eyelashes to the natural curling effect.
Advantages: fast and convenient, lasting effect
Disadvantages: easy to burn to the eyelids when used
Suitable for the crowd: suitable for people who are usually in a tight time and who want to last forever
Common two types of electric eyelash curlers
The first type (eye-catching type)
Similar to the traditional eyelash curler, the traditional eyelash curler adds a battery, adds temperature, and the price is relatively cheap.
eyelash curler-9
Second (not eye-catching)
Use a 5th battery to make the hair on the single side out of the slightly hot temperature. The microbend of the brush head just makes the eyelashes curl naturally.
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