Eyelash curler purchase

Different eyes type should use different kind of eyelashes to achieve the best eyes effect, this essay will share the eyelash curler purchasing tips for you.

1. The traditional eyelash curler has a higher curl than the local eyelash curler.
2. electric, local eyelash curler does not pick the eye shape, while the makeup effect is better than the traditional eyelash curler.
3. It is recommended to choose a large jaw, which is easier to operate.

how to choose the nest fit eyelash curler-11

4. Usually the large curvature eyelash curler is suitable for the eyeball with obvious concave and convex; the small curvature is suitable for the flat eyeball.
If the selection is reversed, there will be cases where the eyelashes are not caught or caught in the eyelids at both ends.

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5. Select the traditional eyelash curler and also look at the curvature of the rubber pad. It is not easy to pinch the eyelashes when the curvature is smooth.

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