How to decide which eyelash curler is yours

According to the different parts of use, the eyelash curlers on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: ordinary eyelash curlers, partial eyelash curlers and special eyelash curlers for lower eyelashes.

Normal eyelash curler
The common eyelash curler is the most common eyelash curler. The metal texture is easy to use, and there are also plastic. The rubber mat is one of the important criteria for selection.
With an eyelash curler, the eyelashes of the entire eye are clipped, which is convenient for daily use, but it is also rough.

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Selection points:
1, the elastic rubber strip should be soft: not too hard, otherwise it is very likely to pinch the eyelashes or pull the roots of the eyelashes
2, suitable for eye type: the first step of the eyelashes is also the most important step is to tilt the roots of the eyelashes
If you can’t pinch the root of the eyelashes, or the end of the eye is not clipped, you can determine that this eyelash curler is not suitable for you.
Typical representative product: DHC Eyelash Curler
Local eyelash curler
The local eyelash curler has a small shape and is specially used for the corners of the eyes, the end of the eye, and the traditional eyelash curler.
Typical representative product: Shu Uemura partial eyelash curler
Eyelash curler for lower eyelashes
Eyelash curler for lower eyelashes, suitable for fairies with long eyelashes but rising.
Typical representative product: KOJI lower eyelash special eyelash curler
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