how to maintain eyelash curler

If you look closely at the makeup effects of others, you won’t be surprised if you have ten different makeup methods for ten people. In fact, it is normal for makeup to vary from person to person, but if these makeup methods do not work, the meaning of makeup is lost. What we have seen is that only 1-2 of the ten people can roll the eyelashes up very beautifully, others don’t make the eyelashes curl up neatly, or make the angle of the eyelashes unnatural. The key is that they don’t have the right way to use the eyelash curler. The following describes in detail the correct use of the eyelash curler.

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The pad in the eyelash curler is very dirty because it is in contact with the eyelashes every time, so it should be wiped clean with a paper towel after each use.

If mascara is condensed on the eyelash curler, it is difficult to wipe it off, that is, it is not easy to scrub with alcohol cotton.
So first use a lighter to heat the eyelash curler, then wipe it off with a paper towel.

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Moreover, the rubber pad on the eyelash curler will age and harden after 3-6 months.
So if you find that the rubber pad has cracked signs, you need to replace it with new ones to prevent damage to the eyelashes.

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