How to use eyelash curler correctly

The correct gesture of holding the eyelash curler is to use the thumb and the ring finger. The middle finger of the index finger plays a fixed role, making the eyelash curler more labor-saving and more stable.

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1. Use the eyelash curler that matches your eye shape to align the eyelash curler with the curvature of the eye. At this time, the eye should look down and the eyelashes should be clamped to the root of the eyelash.
2. At this time, gently apply force to the hand to raise the angle of about 60 degrees, and use the curved convex part of the eyelash curler to resist the eye socket.When you are lashing your eyelashes, don’t be too anxious. Just slowly and forcefully change the angle of your hand to get a natural grip.

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3. After staying at a 60-degree angle for about 3 seconds, raise the eyelash curler up to 90 degrees. Then, slowly and outwardly move the eyelash curler one by one, and then clip it up to the end of the eyelashes.

4. Finally, use the local eyelash curler to clamp the eyelashes at the end of the eye and the eyelashes at the end of the eye in the same way.

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