4 kinds of false eyelashes to enhance your eyes

​False eyelashes are roughly divided into 4 kinds of eyelashes, which are linear, encrypted, cross and single, which are common types in our life. Today we will share the difference between different eyelash types.
1.Straight type
The linear false eyelashes are separated from each other, which is naturally not exaggerated. The degree of density is just right, and it does not add any other effects. It is like wearing your own eyelashes. Wearing straight false eyelashes will make your eyes more vivid and vivid, and the eyelashes will have a distinct effect.

false eyelash style--1

2. Encrypted type
Bold and encrypted false eyelashes will hold up the double eyelids to make the eyes more rounded, which can create a thick and full eyelash effect. Generally there will be double rows of false eyelashes.

false eyelash style--2

3. Cross type
The cross-type false eyelashes are made of two staggered or two-cluster interlaced processes, and more light and thin materials such as fibers are used to create a light and dense effect. The bottom of the cross section is shaped like a fishing net and has an encryption effect.

false eyelash style--3

4. Single type
The single-eye type eyelashes are designed for embellishment. The material is the same as the ordinary eyelashes, but the length is short, the mini is easy to operate, but because of this, the bonding durability is not long enough.

false eyelash style--4

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