Do you know what kind of false eyelash band is best for you?

In the daily life, most of girls like wearing false eyelashes, but different false eyelashes can show different kind of effect. Also, different kind of false eyelashes band fit for different eyes shape. Today, this blog will tell you the information about the false eyelash band.

1.Cotton stalk
The cotton stalk sounds like a soft lash that is very soft. It doesn’t have a foreign body sensation when it is attached to the eyelids. It is not easy to be lifted. It is made of cotton thread to string together one eyelashes. However, it is too soft and easily deformed, and the subsequent utilization rate is very low.

eyelash band-1

2. Transparent terrier
The fish line stalk wins its makeup effect, and the fish stalk material is transparent and invisible. The fit is very convenient because it can cut the shards, and it can maintain the original curvature after being torn off. It can be reused. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fall off. And cocked up, keeping time short.

eyelash band-2

3. Plastic stems
The stem of the plastic stem is harder, and the comfort is better than that of the fish stem and the cotton stem, but it is a good choice for people with single eyelids and inner eyelids, precisely because its hardness is provided for the sisters of such eyelids. A more sustained support.

eyelash band-3

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