The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling 25mm Drama Queen Lashes

What’s Drama Queen Lashes?

  • Length: 23 – 25mm
  • The Drama Queen Lashes are curated with our most dramatic lash styles that hold superior density, length and INTENSE wisp that will have all the glam gods shook.
  • The Drama Queen Lashes is one of our more fuller, thicker & flirty lashes, giving your look more lash drama!

Which top beauty brands have launched Drama Queen Lashes?

Lilly Lashes

Drama Kween Limited Edition Dramatic Lash Kit


  • So Extra Mykonos
  • So Extra Miami
  • Carmel


Drama Queen Faux Mink Lashes


  • Now serving drama! With volume fit for a queen, these lashes will give your look a high-impact, modern twist.
  • These faux mink effect eyelashes give you full volume for fluffy, multi-dimensional length. High-quality, synthetic vegan fibers are tapered to mimic natural hair and blend seamlessly into real lashes.

Where can wholesale 25mm Drama Queen Lashes?
In here

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