Lash Lift Wholesale: Boost Your Beauty Salon Business

Beauty salons who want to add one of the hottest cosmetic trends to their offers should take another look at Lash Lift wholesale products. All the latest news about eye makeup, false lashes, and eyelash treatments put Lash Lift at the top of the list. You cannot compare this procedure to ordinary extensions because it uses the clients’ own eyelashes to create a stunning and attractive look. If you stock up on materials to perform the Lash Lift procedure, your beauty bar or beauty salon will become the talk of the town.

Benefits of Offering Lash Lift

In order to attract more clients with your Lash Lift wholesale offers, market them effectively by mentioning the following benefits.


1. Affordable Eyelash Option

One of the most attractive benefits of Lash Lift wholesale is the relatively lower cost than other eyelash treatments. Extensions can run anywhere from $150 up to $250. On the other hand, Lash Lift only costs about $70 up to $100. From a wholesale perspective, the kits themselves are quite a bit less expensive when purchased in bulk. An individual lift may cost as little as three dollars. Also, large quantity purchases are easy to make because Lash Lift wholesale kits have a shelf life of three years if left unopened. Once you open the packaging, they last approximately three months.

We sell Lash Lift in individually wrapped packages, so you never have to worry about many kits expiring before you get a chance to use them. This is highly unlikely because clients at your salon or beauty bar will seek out the treatment regularly. The customers who consider eyelash extensions may prefer a Lash Lift instead.


2. No-Risk to Natural Eyelashes

Unlike gluing on false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, Lash lift does not increase the risk of natural eyelash damage. Clients can avoid traction alopecia, broken eyelashes, and brittle hairs with this procedure. In order to get these benefits and avoid the risk, it is vital that you stay away from some lift products that include ammonia or perm solutions. We use natural ingredients carefully chosen to not only change the shape of your clients’ eyelashes but also nourish them and improve their overall health. Every Lash Lift wholesale kit comes complete with a Keratin Booster.

3. Long-Lasting Beauty

Every Lash Lift treatment will give your beauty salon client 6 to 8 weeks of longer, more beautiful eyelashes. Their specific amount of time depends on their natural lash growth process. However, during that time they can enjoy an attractive look that needs less makeup, no eyelash curling every day, and no wasted time gluing on false lashes and taking them off again in the evening. These benefits alone will entice more clients to your salon or beauty bar. The wholesale Lash Lift kits are one of the most affordable and simplest ways to make every woman happy.

4. Use Eye Makeup as Desired

The long-lasting eyelash curled procedure gives women so many options when it comes to cosmetic choice and attractive style. Your clients can use their regular eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara to create the unique looks they want for daytime or evening wear. Every look will be so much better with the beautiful appearance of the Lash Lift treatment. When you offer this new option to your clients, make sure they understand that it will not stop them from enjoying the most beautiful eye makeup designs that are trending today.

Women constantly look for ways to make their eyes look brighter and more beautiful. While there are many products and procedures on the market from the most basic mascara to the most expensive lash treatments and extensions, you now have the power to offer an affordable and effective option. Lash Lift wholesale kits give your clients exactly what they want: a safe and convenient way to look their very best every day. Many have seen advertisements for Lash Lift beauty magazines and online, so they will come to your salon looking for the treatment from the start.

We provide exceptional prices for wholesale Lash Lift kits in bulk. Not only do you get the types of products that your clients will crave, but you can enjoy a more natural alternative than many of the chemical kits on the market today. These offer professional outcomes to even the most discerning customer. To improve the profitability of your beauty salon or beauty bar business, we also offer white label packaging with brand customization options. That way, you can include your company name, logo, or other brand information on the kits you stock.

Lower per-kit prices are available for bulk orders. However, we also offer individual case lots of just one to 100 pieces at wholesale prices.

With 10-day delivery times, you can be ready to offer the popular Lash Lift treatment at your location very quickly.

Once you have the best possible product in stock, you still need to know how to perform the procedure safely. It is quite simple and needs no extensive training.

How to Do the Lash Lift Procedure

1 – Prepare the patches needed for an individual’s treatment, and trim them as necessary to fit the client’s eyelashes.

2 – Follow the included instructions to apply the Last Lift glue to the base of the top eyelashes. Use the provided tool to attach small groups of lashes from the root to the patch.

3 – Use a micro brush to put the following solutions on the eyelashes’ root to the tip.

Lifting Cream (#1) – Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes for thick lashes or just 6 to 8 minutes for shorter or thinner lashes.

Neutralizing Lotion (#2) – Apply it and leave it alone for 10 to 15 minutes.

Keratin Booster (#3) – Brush this onto the eyelashes and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes.

4 – Finish the Lash Lift procedure by carefully removing the protective pads. Use a clean and dry mascara brush to comb the eyelashes neatly.

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