How to Boost a Lash Business With Magnetic Lash Kit Wholesale

Nothing attracts more attention than a pair of beautiful eyes. Understanding this convinces more women to turn to perfect eye makeup and eyelashes to get the look they want for the afternoon and evening. With the wide variety of eye products and beauty options out there, they are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to augment their natural look.

Magnetic lash kit wholesale products provide the opportunity for you to offer your clients and customers one of the hottest options on the market today. Women will go crazy about the dramatic look and convenient use of these false eyelashes. Before you offer them in your beauty shop or spa, however, you should take the opportunity to learn all you can about magnetic lashes in general and wholesale kit purchases.

Benefits of Magnetic Lash Kit Wholesale Offers

The latest products in the magnetic eyelash range offer unparalleled convenience and ease of application. If you have been in the beauty industry for a while, you undoubtedly have already heard about magnetic lashes. These innovative cosmetic options have hit the magazines and top websites in a big way. Not only do they look great, but they are easier and faster to apply. However, there have been a few negatives cited for these types of faux lashes, too.

The most common complaint about magnetic Lash Kit wholesale products is that they are difficult to get directly on or next to the lash line. This is why it is so important for a professional beauty business like yours to handle not only the product sales but also the application. The lashes themselves must be placed carefully so the magnets do not overlap and align incorrectly.

There is a better choice today to avoid this problem. After perusing a lot of feedback from women who try these magnetic lashes, we set out to create an innovative design that would take away these problems for good. The magnetic lash kits we now offer at wholesale prices include a unique lash applicator to make putting them on in the right place as easy as possible.

Magnets have negative and positive forces that attract each other. If you get the same force next to each other, they will repel and move out of alignment. When you use the magnetic lash applicator tool, you do not have to worry about these problems anymore. The entire process is faster, more convenient, and less prone to errors.

Forget Messy Glue and Eyelash Damage

Far too many false eyelash users end up with excess glue that either simply looks bad or ends up grabbing onto their natural eyelashes and causing damage. Despite assurances from different companies that they have the safest glue, it still has the possibility of affecting your lash roots. Why not avoid this potential problem by using magnetic lash kit wholesale options instead? After all, you want to hold on to every natural eyelash you can to make your look perfect even when you do not have false eyelashes on. You do not have to worry about glue anymore when you use advanced magnetic options.

Application Process for Magnetic Eyelashes

At your beauty shop or cosmetics counter, make sure you please every customer by delivering the best service possible. When you use the following application procedure, you will have satisfied clients every time.

1 – Remove the magnetic eyelashes from the packaging as carefully as possible.

2 – Align the strips of false eyelashes with the appropriate side of the magnetic applicator. Remember that positive and negative poles must be opposite each other to attract.

3 – Use the tool to apply the eyelashes to the upper and lower lash line of your customer’s eye.

4 – Make any small adjustments necessary to get the perfect look.

With the ease of application, the lack of messy glue, and the convenience of using our special applicator tool, you will be able to boost your cosmetic and beauty business when you purchase magnetic eyelash kit wholesale in bulk from your trustworthy supplier.

Xizi Lashes: Wholesale Magnetic Eyeliner Vendor & Manufacturer


1)MOQ: 10 pcs

2)Free Designing: Custom Package, Private Label Logo

3)Rich experience: More than 13 years’experience in eyelashes;

4)Professional manufacturer: have a professional manufacturer covering 1,230 square meters that can guarantee the accomplishment of large orders;

5)Monthly Capacity: 2,135,000+ pairs strip eyelashes;

6)Mature production technology: a full set production line and advanced processing equipment allow the non-stop producing to maximize the production capacity.

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