Precise Drop Glue Collection – Choose the Best Extension Glues

Every lash artist or makeup technician needs the perfect tools and materials to deliver the best possible look and solution for every client. At the top of the list are tweezers and different types of precise lash glue. These are essential parts of every single foe eyelash job you do, and you should collect multiple types if you want your work to go smoothly and last a long time.

One of the most important things about choosing extension glue is the ability to control how much drops out of the applicator during your work. You need enough to properly adhere the lashes, but you do not want to much or you risk skin irritation or unsightly globs that your client will hate. Luckily, there is an excellent solution for this problem on the market today. Xizi Precise Drop Glue Collection now gives you complete control over how much comes out every single time. With bottles special technology, you get .03m/ drop with no mistakes, extra hassle, or waste.

Exclusive Access Online

 You cannot find this Precise Drop Glue Collection anywhere else on the Internet other than at our wholesale shop on Alibaba. For a truly unique solution to the problem of glue precision, we are proud to offer this product line in today’s highly competitive lash and extensions marketplace.

We are so sure that you will love this product that we rushed to gain access to it before our competitors. We know that you can tell your clients about all the benefits this precision drop collection brings. Its innovative design will make your job so much easier and more attractive to a wider clientele. It comes complete with a quality guarantee so you do not have to worry about its safety or efficacy.

Precision Control of Lash Glue Drops 

Exactly .03 milliliters of eyelash glue comes out of the container with every drop. This promise that the Precision Drop Glue Collection brings you started out with extensive laboratory testing and market research into exactly how much is needed and preferred by lash technicians everywhere. The .03 milliliter amount is just enough to deliver a long-lasting foe eyelash extension experience without any waste.

Not only does this small amount suit your needs as a lash artist and technician precisely, it also helps you economize your glue purchases. You will have a lot less waste than normal and your glue bottles will never dry out or clump due to the unique construction of the containers. Forget the financial waste that occurs sometimes when you have to throw out a bottle of glue before it is done. The bottle design works perfectly for this precise control and ease-of-use in your salon, spa, or beauty shop.

Packaging Extends Glue Shelf Life 

Besides lack of waste because the .03 milliliter measurement is the perfect drop size, the innovative materials used in the plastic bottle helps your glue last longer, too. The thicker packaging gives IPX7 water and dust protection so it stays pure for longer. One of the most important things to consider when storing eyelash glue is its purity and safety since it will go near someone’s eyes. Keeping moisture out and not letting the temperature change too much are important factors in this requirement.

The thicker packaging offers this type of protection so your glue lasts longer and carries a lower chance that you will need to throw it out before the tube is done. This is another excellent way that the Precision Drop Glue Collection can save you money in the long run. It offers efficiency, safety, customization, and convenience every time you do a lash extension job or apply for lashes for a client.

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