The Adhesive Eyeliner – Innovation With No Magnets

Whether you are an eyelash artist, operate a beauty salon, or sell cosmetic products like false eyelashes in a supply store, you should know about the latest innovation in eyeliner glue pens. You may think this is just another type of eyelash glue, but the small bottle and send brush head makes it easy to operate just like liquid eyeliner. Unlike magnetic liner for search and lash products, this one only contains glue. The end result is thinner, softer, and more accurate than some other options. Best of all, it only takes two simple steps to solve your client’s problems with long-lasting eyelash application that looks as natural as possible. Read on to learn more about how the adhesive eyeliner and help in your business.

Simple Solutions in Only Two Steps

When developing this unique eyeliner glue pen, we have taken into consideration the thoughts and expectations of eyelash technicians, consumers, and influencers who share their views on our YouTube videos. A lot of women have trouble applying their own false eyelashes, and even the professionals look for products that can help make the process simpler. Magnetic eyelashes are quite popular, but we have transformed their idea into something innovative and new.

The Xizi eyeliner glue pen works because the adhesive is highly viscous and dries very quickly. It is quite simple to use. All you need to do is draw a line along the base of your lashes just like you are putting on eyeliner. Then, affix the false eyelashes to this line. This is much easier for many women than putting the glue onto the eyelashes themselves and then trying to put them in the right position.

Long Wearing for Over 10 Hours

Cosmetic researchers have put this eyeliner glue pen to the test to make sure it will keep your false eyelashes in place for the whole day or night long. The last thing you want is a detached eyelash at work, a party, while you are working out in the gym, or on a date with a special someone. Tests that simulate regular life mean so much more than those based on some laboratory parameters.

Look at reviews and testimonials from women who have tried the non-magnetic eyeliner glue pen to see what they discovered about its long-wearing use. If you are going to trust your beauty to a new eyelash glue product, you want to check out a lot of testimonials before you make the change.

Windproof and Waterproof Adhesion

People seek out waterproof and windproof eye makeup and false eyelashes all the time. There are so many situations you may get into that could challenge the adhesive and increase the risk of your lashes detaching or falling off. That is the last thing you want to happen when you are out there enjoying life. Now that summer is coming, you are more likely to be at the pool, beach, or outdoors enjoying the breezy weather. Also, you are more likely to sweat, which can affect some eyelash glue.

The eyeliner glue pen is waterproof and windproof so you can feel confident wearing your false eyelashes even in the most challenging summertime environments. A great way to convince clients to try this new product is to make a demonstration video of eyelashes attached to something that you submerge in a tank of water or blow a fan at. Reviews and testimonials from people who have tried it before at the beach, pool, or while exercising also go a long way to convince others of its quality.

As Easy as Eyeliner to Apply

The unique shape of the small bottle and the tiny, soft brush makes using this false eyelash adhesive pen as simple as drawing on your eyeliner when you get ready every morning. This makes it much easier to get on your lash line precisely. It is quick, efficient, and down on the potential for mistakes. If you are an eyelash artist or technician who wants to find a great product to use on all your clients, consider this eyeliner adhesive pen. It will save you time and give a simply beautiful outcome for many lash applications. Clients will simply love the fact that it is waterproof, windproof, affordable, goes on quickly, and holds for 10 hours or more.

Mink Effect 3D Silk Lashes

Mascara Effect 3D Minky Silks-MW03

Mink Effect 3D Silk Lashes

Mascara Effect 3D Minky Silks-MW06

Mink Effect 3D Silk Lashes

Mascara Effect 3D Minky Silks-MW09

3D faux mink eyelashes

Mink Effect 3D Faux Mink-EW06

3D faux mink eyelashes

Mink Effect 3D Faux Mink-EW07

3D faux mink eyelashes

Mink Effect 3D Faux Mink-EW10

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