The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling 25mm Drama Queen Lashes

What’s Drama Queen Lashes? Length: 23 – 25mm The Drama Queen Lashes are curated with our most dramatic lash styles that hold superior density, length and INTENSE wisp that will have all the glam gods shook. The Drama Queen Lashes is one of our more fuller, thicker & flirty lashes, giving your look more lash drama! […]

Tips of false eyelashes

False eyelashes are divided into European and American and Japanese. The characteristics of European and American are concentration.They are suitable for girls with prominent eye contours or those who want to create stage effects. The Japanese are actually produced in Taiwan, and the effect is more natural.It is suitable for oriental eyes. How is the […]

4 kinds of false eyelashes to enhance your eyes

​False eyelashes are roughly divided into 4 kinds of eyelashes, which are linear, encrypted, cross and single, which are common types in our life. Today we will share the difference between different eyelash types. 1.Straight type The linear false eyelashes are separated from each other, which is naturally not exaggerated. The degree of density is […]

Do you know what kind of false eyelash band is best for you?

In the daily life, most of girls like wearing false eyelashes, but different false eyelashes can show different kind of effect. Also, different kind of false eyelashes band fit for different eyes shape. Today, this blog will tell you the information about the false eyelash band. 1.Cotton stalk The cotton stalk sounds like a soft […]

How to decide which eyelash curler is yours

According to the different parts of use, the eyelash curlers on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: ordinary eyelash curlers, partial eyelash curlers and special eyelash curlers for lower eyelashes. Normal eyelash curler The common eyelash curler is the most common eyelash curler. The metal texture is easy to use, and there […]