How to decide which eyelash curler is yours

According to the different parts of use, the eyelash curlers on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: ordinary eyelash curlers, partial eyelash curlers and special eyelash curlers for lower eyelashes. Normal eyelash curler The common eyelash curler is the most common eyelash curler. The metal texture is easy to use, and there […]

Do you know what is the best eyelash curler for you?

Many girls don’t know how to choose eyelash curlers, or what is the best eyelash curler for them. Today, I will share with you how to choose eyelash curlers. Eyelash curl material type Plastic eyelash curler features Advantages: relatively lightweight and portable, very suitable for carrying Disadvantages: the strength of the eyelashes will be weaker. Suitable for […]

First draw the eyeliner or first apply the false eyelashes

Draw the eyeliner before the false eyelashes, first draw a basic eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes, and then find the correct position through the eyeliner when the false eyelashes are attached. However, after the false eyelashes are attached, the eyeliner may be incomplete, or the false eyelash glue may be applied. Therefore, it […]

The welfare for green hand in false eyelashes field is coming!

For green hands, it is especially important to choose false eyelashes in the selection and wearing. The welfare of the green hands girls is here. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction on how to wear false eyelashes. 1. False eyelashes should choose the eye shape that suits you. Single eyelids: You can choose natural […]

Of course those eyelashes are artificial. And they’re stunning

Of course those eyelashes are artificial. And they’re stunning Whether it stars on the red carpet, Television set anchors, a former first female or the barista at your neighborhood Starbucks, sight are rimmed with heavy dark fringe. In this age, women of most ages have eyelashes so long and lush a sideways look is akin […]